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The Best Hydrotherapy Experience

Our range of hot tubs are ideal for therapy on neck muscles, shoulders and hips to relax and reduce daily stress. Featuring the unique Air-X precision soft tissue massage system, our hot tubs provide precise therapy that targets problem areas and leaves you feeling soothed and rejuvenated.


High-Performance, Energy Efficient System

Inspiration Spas has engineered a high-performance, energy efficient system to provide years of affordable spa enjoyment. At the heart of this system is a powerful yet highly efficient 2-speed therapy pump designed to provide powerful flow with alternative speed operation for filtration and heating. You get lower energy bills, peace of mind, reduced maintenance costs, as well as cleaner and fresher water.


Cutting Edge Technology & Stringent Quality Control

Inspiration Spas are made in North America with industry-leading manufacturing technologies and stringent quality control standards. Our company is a market leader and one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic hot tubs, with an expert staff of engineers and specialists ensuring every spa meets our stringent quality control standards before shipping to you, our clients.


Worry-Free No-Leak Plumbing

The plumbing harnesses in Inspiration hot tubs are designed with optimal colour-coded hose arrangements that keep the spa cavity uncluttered; red hose for air lines and blue hose for water lines. Our Triple-Seal plumbing ensures each jet fitting will not leak and our straight-line plumbing is engineered for better water flow. The hot tubs are designed so you can have the most enjoyable spa experience possible with no worries about a leaky tub.


Air-X Seat

Try our exclusive Air-X precision soft tissue massage seat and learn how this unique therapy system will soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles and painful joints.

Unbeatable Customer Service

From the moment you start looking for a hot tub, you can be sure Inspiration Spas is there to assist you every step of the way. We have a knowledgeable staff available to guide you, whether you need help in deciding what model would best suit your needs, how to set it up or have technical questions. Find many answers on our helpful FAQs page or in our informational videos, or contact us via email. A helpful support staff is available whether you email, call or connect with a dealer belonging to our worldwide network.

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